HunkMoney Certified by WebsiteSecure

Stephen Yagielowicz
LOS ANGELES — HunkMoney has announced its implementation of the certification program for its network of premium gay adult membership sites.

WebsiteSecure is a certification program designed to support consumers online as they make purchase decisions by certifying that the site they are considering has successfully passed inspection as an ethical business portal.

According to the company, WebsiteSecure impartially inspects websites and performs test joins and cancels to confirm that they meet ethical standards, have clear billing support information and honest terms of service. HunkMoney has successfully registered 22 top selling membership sites and each now carries the official WebsiteSecure Certification seals and certificates.

" is always pleased to work with high quality online businesses who demonstrate a desire to treat consumers fairly," Stewart Tongue of said. " has several sites and every one of them offers honest pricing, clearly stated terms and ethical policies that go a long way toward protecting consumers. Affiliates and consumers can be confident that their interactions on each certified website will be positive experiences."

"More and more people are concerned about online purchasing, some even afraid, so a real service like shows that through innovation and attention to customer feedback, more potential clients can be converted into paying customers," Ben Symons from HunkMoney offered. "Too often customers have signed up to sites and been surprised to get their credit card bill with a bundle of unexpected charges. These customers are justifiably worried about buying online ever again."

"Thanks to our certification, HunkMoney now provides customers with the reassurance they need to understand that all of our clients are treated in an ethical and fair manner," Symons added.

HunkMoney is the first gay-focused affiliate program to fully adopt the certification program.

"We feel it is critical to be a leader in this field," Symons said. "Many other mainstream and adult companies have already adopted the program, and we think it is only a matter of time until it becomes a standard that Internet customers expect and demand. We are already noticing positive results."

Symons says that certification also reflects positively on the HunkMoney Affiliate Program because it gives affiliates a very simple way to be sure their traffic is beating treated fairly and ethically by HunkMoney sites.

"Our affiliates work hard to deliver potential customers, and we strive to give them every opportunity possible to maximize their sales without angering their bookmarkers," he concluded. "This certification is a high-profile illustration that we are serious about our business, our customer relationships and our affiliates."