Eldorado Develops StoreExtender for Retailers

Steve Javors
BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado has developed StoreExtender, an online program targeted at brick-and-mortar retailers that acts as a virtual storefront thereby increasing retailer product offerings.

With only a limited amount of shelf and storage space, retailers are forced to make tough decisions as to what products to carry, Eldorado Marketing Manager Drew Wilson said. StoreExtender utilizes Eldorado’s huge inventory without having to keep the products on-site.

StoreExtender is not an affiliate program. Basically, it’s a stand-alone online retail store that the brick-and-mortar store has full control over — the brand, the domain name and the look and feel.

Eldorado maintains the entire back-end — customer service, shipping and billing — while the retailer only needs to pay Eldorado’s wholesale price for each product sold, and can then set their own retail price, and therefore their own profit margin, for each item sold.

StoreExtender is subscription based. It costs $75 for a one-time set-up fee and $99 per month.

“The benefits for a retail store are that they save physical space by not having to house inventory on-site and they save cash by not having to pre-order inventory,” Wilson said. “As long as they have a computer connected to StoreExtender their customers have access to each and every item in Eldorado’s warehouse.

“It used to be that, if a customer didn’t find the item they were looking for in the store, they would leave and the retailer would miss out on the sale. Now, all the retailer has to do is steer them to StoreExtender and they can still get that purchase and possibly more.”

For more information, call Eldorado at (800) 525-0848, or visit StoreExtender.com.