Epoch Aims for an Overhaul

Gretchen Gallen
In keeping with newly-instated Visa chargeback fees, Epoch Systems is gearing up to launch a new reporting utility designed to help adult webmasters more easily understand their sales, chargebacks, breakdowns, and payment processing details.

Rand Pate, director of corporate communications for Epoch, told XBiz that his company is working on the beta stage of a more sophisticated and efficient system to keep its adult entertainment clients above the curve.

On average, Epoch processes thousands of online credit card and check transactions each day, and according to Rand, Epoch has been working closely with several programs to help webmasters understand the new chargeback rules and how they could potentially affect adult businesses.

"We have offered suggestions to some programs about how to better manage their chargebacks based on statistical analysis of which pricing strategies, price points, and billing models work best to avoid excessive chargebacks," he told XBiz.

"The full affects of the new chargeback thresholds won't be known for a while," Rand added. "However, Epoch is working to provide as much data and analysis as possible to help every client make informed decisions about their business."

Epoch's new reporting utility is designed to provide as much general and detailed information as webmasters deem necessary to fine-tune their operations, track sales, and all other financial factors that affect their bottom line. The new system is intended to outpace competitors based on its ease-of-use and webmaster-friendly environment.

"We went to several webmasters asking them what kind of data they would like to see," Rand told XBiz. "Based on that input we developed the current stage of reporting. We have released the beta version to our entire client base for additional feedback before releasing the final version. But, we will continue to evolve the reports as needed."

According to Rand, Epoch's former reporting system used "company codes" for reporting purposes.

"But as companies grew, acquired other companies, sold off portions, merged, and developed sub accounts, it became necessary to find a way to report earnings and chargebacks in a more user-friendly format," Rand told XBiz.

To deal with this overload, Epoch implemented a 'Master Code' system, which allows a company with several different company codes to view overall statistics without needing to log in to an individual company's reports.

The new Epoch report system also allows administrative management to delegate access to certain data sets on an employee/partner level. The administrator of any account (the contract signatory) can choose to allow partial access to specific data without disclosing company-wide earnings and statistics.

According to Rand, the new report system is expected to be fully functional sometime in November.