Intimate Organics, MEDA Team for Distro Down Under

Anne Winter
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — MEDA Concepts is the source of Intimate Organics natural lubricants and lotions, following a distribution deal that makes the collection available in Australia for the first time.

Intimate Organics Director of Business Development Rebecca Powley told XBIZ that MEDA only sells health-conscious products, and MEDA’s Marie-Elise Allen is proactive in finding and providing the safest adult products to her retail customers.

“We love working with her,” Powley said. “Australia is craving a healthy intimate line and did not have one until very recently. The response has been overwhelming.”

Powley's line of USDA certified organic products contain plant-based alternatives to the chemical additives and ingredients commonly found in most lubes and lotions. She believes the Australian market has become extremely conscious of what they’re putting in and on their bodies.

“It seems to be more important to them than saving money on a chemically infested product,” Powley said.

The Intimate Organics products also are vegan, and contain plant-derived ingredients that offer other health benefits. Powley said studies have suggested that sea kelp can function as a topical microbicide, helping to block STDs including herpes and HPV.

Intimate Organics currently is available throughout Canada, the U.K. and Europe, and is in the process of finalizing a deal to distribute it in 11 Middle Eastern countries and Turkey by 2010.

Negotiations also are underway for Asian and South African distribution, Powley said.

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