Sex Toy Dave Appears on New Reality Series

Anne Winter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Dave Levine, aka Sex Toy Dave, has made another appearance on a new reality TV show hosted by personality Joan Rivers on the TV Land network.

Levine is featured in the pilot episode, during which he eats brunch with two women on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive and is suddenly interrupted by Rivers who asks him, “How’d you get so rich?”

“She goes to people’s homes and interviews them,” Levine told XBIZ. “She didn’t come to my home; I am an interview on the street. I never thought our clips were going to be on TV because I thought that footage was only for the pilot. But then I suddenly started getting phone calls that I was on TV again.”

Levine also said he was impressed that one of his company’s domains,, was mentioned on the air.

“Usually the only domains I can promote in mainstream media are, and, so I was quite excited to hear the words 'sex toy dot com' on mainstream TV,” he said.

Levine said he was cast because of his appearance on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” in 2008, and he’s still working toward creating his own reality show.

“My chances of one in 100 million are down to 1 in 10,000,” Levine said. “Still mostly a dream, but getting there.”

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