The Adult Broker Launches Mobile Resource Site

Anne Winter
LOS ANGELES — The creator of The Adult Broker (TAB) has launched The Mobile Broker (TMB), a sister site that offers resources, information and business announcements catering to the ever-growing mobile market.

The Adult Broker’s Lori Z told XBIZ that she’s noticed the adult business has steadily been moving in the direction of mobile, and with an influx of mobile deals made through The Adult Broker in the last several months, she was inspired to develop a service just for that.

“I know that the research and knowledge and resources I needed to create [mobile] deals for people will be the same information more people will need as they evolve their businesses,” Lori Z said. “So I created TMB for everyone.”

TMB features information about content platforms, mobile-site building, traffic generation, processing, app building and other services pertaining to the mobile market.

“It is the same model in what TAB does for the industry, but in a new outlet,” Lori Z said. “And the outlet — mobile — needed its own home as more players, companies and opportunities are presented. They are sister sites. But to put it all on one site would be overwhelming. They share resources and relationships but mobile needed its own home.”