Adult Performer's Testimony Decides Murder Trial

Bob Preston
KILBURN, England — Former adult performer Rebecca DeFalco gave the key testimony in a trial that found a wealthy English land baron guilty of murder.

The details of the case spring out of a lurid spy novel. The land baron in question is millionaire Thanos Papalexis, a 37-year-old Florida native who was living in England and "flipping" houses — when someone buys a house and quickly renovates it to sell at a profit.

Papalexis had his heart set on a warehouse occupied by a caretaker named Charalambos Christodoulides. The caretaker wouldn't sell, so Papalexis had him kidnapped, tortured and killed. After dumping the body, he fled to United States and started cultivating a life as a millionaire playboy, hosting parties lavish enough to attract former president Bill Clinton.

DeFalco flew in from the United States to be the star witness in the 14-week trial. Apparently Papalexis confessed the crime to her.

DeFalco met Papalexis as a high-priced escort, a role that netted her thousands of dollars a week for sexual encounters. During one of their meetings, Papalexis claimed to be a globetrotting spy. DeFalco asked him if he had killed anyone, and he said yes.

"I strangled someone," Paplexis reportedly said. "This man was giving me problems.”

Papalexis is set to be sentenced Sept. 30.

According to online sources, DeFalco's credits include "Perverted Stories 14" and "My First Time 8." The Internet Adult Film Database lists only one performer in common between those two titles: Paris, who worked in the industry from 1997 to 1999 and appeared in fewer than 10 titles. The IAFd has no Rebecca DeFalco on record.