Coquette Inspired by Paris Lingerie Show

Anne Winter
CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Lingerie designer Coquette International spent several days in Paris for the Salon International de la Lingerie, a trade show that left the design team inspired and motivated.

Catherine Horea, senior vice president, said attending the show allowed her not only to visit with French customers, but also to see what other countries have been inspired to design and create.

“The whole show was a complete rejuvenation for the design team and me, particularly receiving all the positive feedback from our committed customers,” Horea said. “It was also so delightful to see our French distributors, Richard and Francine, with their faithful customers who waited in lines specifically for their services.”

The Salon International de la Lingerie welcomed designers from more than 45 different countries, including Greece and Spain, and even featured designs from the Middle East.

Horea said most interest was shown to Coquette’s new Signature Box Collection, which offers lingerie packaged in elegant boxes and priced economically. The new Penthouse designs and its musical g-string collection also drew lots of eyes to the company’s booth.

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