Rolls Out 2 New Webmaster Tools

Bob Preston
LOS ANGELES — Adult affiliate program is turning to tube technology for a pair of new tools.

Webmasters promoting MyGayCash sites will now be able to build entire tube sites to promote the company's stable of paysites. In addition, webmasters will also be able to customize the size of the company's embeddable Flash videos.

Despite the considerable bad press that tube sites have generated around the industry, MyGayCash Managing Partner Roger McMan said that they hold promise for industrious webmasters.

"When well-managed, a tube site can be a great asset to affiliate programs," he said. "And considering the growing number, it was imperative to build new tools to help webmasters capture and convert as much traffic as they can."

As for the company's embeddable videos, MyGayCash is looking toward adult blogs, networking sites and other Web 2.0 staples for these. Using the new customization tool, webmasters can adjust the size color and font choice of any video to help it fit onto their website.

"This is great as surfers have the habits of clicking on the videos to find their way to the sites," McMan said. "This will definitely increase the traffic sent and increase webmasters’ revenue."