Good Housekeeping Magazine Tests Vibrators

Ariana Rodriguez
BRITAIN — The October issue of the U.K. version of Good Housekeeping magazine will issue its seal of approval to the top five sex toys, as rated by 100 volunteer testers.

The panel of women aged between 30 and 65 were asked to try the U.K.’s bestselling vibrators and rate them based on the categories: ease of use, instructions, noisiness and satisfaction.

Fun Factory’s S-shaped Delight — a G-spot vibrator came out on top with a score of 74 out of 100. Mantric’s Bedside Bullet clit vibrator scored 68 of 100 and the well-known Rabbit vibrator scored 61.

Personal information from the users also was obtained through the assessment: 87 percent of testers had used a vibrator before, 52 percent had their husbands suggest use of one, and all testers — except for five — said women should be more open to discuss sex toys.

Out of the 100-woman panel, 84 percent said they were encouraged to buy a vibrator on the basis of the Good Housekeeping test.

“Even though ‘Sex And The City’ has removed the ‘guilty’ tag from owning a sex toy, and it’s widely recognized that many young, single women own vibrators, our survey discovered that they’re just as popular among our readers — only 13 percent of our testers were vibrator virgins.” said June Walton, Good Housekeeping deputy editor, in a report.

The magazine, often referred to as the “housewives’ bible,” has offered beauty and home and gardening tips for almost 100 years. In 2003, Good Housekeeping began publishing articles about sex aids and Internet porn.