BMS Expands Product Line

Anne Winter
TORONTO — Product manufacturer BMS Enterprises has released several new items to expand its existing product line, including Booty Beads 2, the Just In Time compact, and a new G-spot series.

Booty Beads 2 is deemed by the company to be the ultimate sex toy for both men and women, offering vibration from the top to bottom of its flexible shaft. It has a new feature that makes it easier to clean, ensuring a hygienic experience for the user.

“I’m so proud of the cleaning feature,” BMS CEO Steve Bannister said. “We listened to our customers and took the time to design something that is easy to use and effective.”

Booty Beads 2 is available in two sizes and powered by a waterproof PowerBullet.

The Just In Time compact, a discreet travel-friendly container holding a three-speed PowerBullet, bottle of Swiss Navy water-based lubricant, and a mirror, is available in a four-compact display case.

The Breeze Power G-Series features The Wisteria, Dahlia and Impatience, each coated in smooth Breeze material with a three-speed button control. They were designed with a woman’s body in mind, Bannister said, each with a different design feature to set each other apart.

"Seamless is something we consider very important,” Bannister said. “It takes a lot of work to have a totally smooth product like we do. Each and every product is hand sanded to ensure it’s seamless and safe and more pleasurable to use. I'm very proud of that.”