ASACP Releases New PSA

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — ASACP has released a new public service announcement titled “10 Tips to Help Protect Children Online.”

The video is available on the ASACP YouTube channel and is intended for webmasters to hear tips to prevent children from viewing age-restricted content and legally protect their businesses.

“Running an adult entertainment company means being responsible for your content and for those accessing your site, because you are legally liable for your business,” said Tim Henning, ASACP’s technology and forensic research director, who created the video. “For years webmasters have been asking ASACP how they can best protect themselves and their companies — the video includes many of the tips I have developed. While the video is not a substitute for professional legal advice, the tips we have included are important safeguards for anyone operating an adult entertainment website.”

ASACP encourages all adult entertainment webmasters to view the PSA, the organization said.

To view the video, click here.

Adult companies seeking additional technical support can contact Henning for educational seminars and consultation on child-protection efforts.