Adam & Eve Contributing to Sex Advice Site

Ariana Rodriguez
HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Adam & Eve has partnered with online sex advice show, to supply product samples for online demonstrations and offer viewer discounts.

"The show is informative and provides a unique experience for the viewer," said Chad Davis, director of marketing for Adam & Eve. "Because of Adam & Eve's high product and content standards, we are a perfect match for Dan and Jennifer. It seemed natural to collaborate and possibly reach a demographic that was untapped to us before."

The Internet show is hosted by “sexperts” Dan and Jennifer and claims between 2 and 4 million views each month through its website and video partnerships.

Dan and Jennifer offer viewers answers to love and sexuality questions, which are submitted on the website and through videos on YouTube.

"Everyone has an interest in sex and sexuality," Dan said. "Jennifer and I felt presenting our take on it in this forum might help some people feel more comfortable talking or asking about it [sexuality]. Adam & Eve, with its long history and sex-positive message, seemed like a natural to bring on board." features different categories, including Love & Marriage, Sex and Intimacy, Singles and Dating, Quizzes and Dan and Jennifer TV, which features new and past episodes.

Each category has a pull-down menu that leads to pages packed with videos, blog posts and news sections.

The website receives approximately 10,000 page views daily, according to the company, and over the past year it garnered 300,000 page views from 117,000 unique visitors.