J.M. Productions/AdultBouncer Rift

Tina Reilly
NORTHRIDGE, Calif.-- AdultBouncer was threatened with pending litigation this week after J.M. Productions accused the adult verification service (AVS) of stealing content.

AdultBouncer was not available to speak with XBiz, but J.M. Productions alleges that the Ontario-based AVS has been distributing J.M. content without a license through one or many of its affiliate websites.

AdultBouncer maintains a network of hundreds of affiliate websites that hold more than 2,100 gigabytes of content, including full-length DVDs and video clips.

J.M. Productions is reportedly not looking to punish the alleged affiliate(s) for re-purposing the content, although they are interested in holding AdultBouncer responsible for the infraction.

J.M.'s attorney sent a "cease and desist" letter to AdultBouncer today asking the AVS to stop the unauthorized use of J.M.'s adult movies for viewing and downloads.

According to the attorney, no official legal paperwork has yet been filed, but they are monitoring the situation closely. If AdultBouncer does not follow instructions to halt the usage of the content, J.M. plans to litigate, the company said.

J.M. Productions has expressed an interest in speaking directly with the affiliate(s) to determine where the content originated. The company's intention is not to punish the affiliate unless they were fully informed at the time that they were using unlicensed content.

According to J.M., if the content was being used with such knowledge, then the company and its attorney intend to pursue the affiliate for 'contributory infringement."

J.M. Production's owner Jeff Stewart was not available to speak with XBiz.