Falcon Exclusives Release Dance/Pop Single

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — Performers and real-life boyfriends Aden Jaric and Jordan Jaric have released their first music single, a dance/pop song titled "Hit Me Up." It is available as an iTunes digital download and ringtone.

The Jarics, as they are collectively known, are exclusives with Falcon Studios and only perform together onscreen. A 30-second clip of their song has been posted to the official studio blog.

The couple were introduced to their producers at Triads Music Productions by dragstress RuPaul, who befriended the Jarics when they shot cameos for the indie film "Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!"

"It was just a matter of time before Aden and Jordan delved into the musical side of their many creative talents," a studio rep said.

"What started out as just a fun night of playing around in the recording studio eventually led to the full-fledged song."

The Jarics are currently onscreen in Falcon's "Dripping Wet 2." The company, in conjunction with /baskit/ Underwear, recently launched a promotional microsite tied to its release.

Undieswap.com features "Dripping Wet 2" cast members wearing various styles of /baskit/ skivvies. The viewer is invited to click on their photos two at a time; once the choice has been made, a video plays showing the two performers as they strip off and exchange their underwear, and pull on the new pair.

In addition to the Jarics, featured Undieswap performers are Heath Anthony, Bobby Clark, TJ Hawke, Turk Mason, Jason Pitt and Spencer Reed.

"Dripping Wet 2" is available now online at the studio’s official website. For wholesale inquiries, visit Pulse Distribution online or call (800) 227-3717.