Lucas Entertainment, Matan Shalev Seek 'Revenge'

JC Adams
NEW YORK — Rafael Alencar and popular newcomer Matan Shalev are out for "Revenge" in the latest blue-movie release via all-male studio Lucas Entertainment.

The sexpic's storyline details "an evening of debauchery that decimates a storybook romance — and there is only one way to even the score," a company rep said. A bit of real-life drama ensued when a staged fight between Alencar and Shalev escalated into "one of the most violent moments in the company's history."

Shalev plays a dissolute stripper who has an affair with Alencar's lover, leading to their planned brawl.

"The film's script called for Alencar to burst into Shalev's home, quickly overpower him, and then begin hammering Shalev's ass," the rep said.

"But Shalev, a brown belt in karate and former soldier in the Israeli army, fought back, and with cameras still rolling, what was supposed to be a short tussle turned into a real-life brawl. The action escalated into punches, chokes, and broken furniture and everything was captured on film."

Alencar would only serve as a top to Shalev and the script thus called for him to win the scripted brawl. However, "under any other conditions, Rafael would have lost this fight," said director and company principal Michael Lucas.

"Matan did restrain himself but obviously things got out of control. He's a very strong person and probably could have killed Rafael with his pinky if he wanted."

A brief clip of the fight was posted to the company’s official blog.

Featured players in "Revenge" include Johnny Angel, Justin Beal, Kyle DeAnthony, Roy Jones, Jesse Martin, and Murphy Maxwell. The single-disc set was co-directed by Lucas and videographer mr. Pam. DVD features include BTS footage and cast interviews.

Shalev is a Lucas Entertainment discovery who made his erotic debut as part of the much-talked-about ensemble of "Men of Israel," believed to be the first gay adult film shot on location in the country with an all-Jewish cast.

The two-disc "Men of Israel" Special Edition set was earlier this summer. The company has been uploading photo galleries, erotic vignettes and related collateral to its promotional microsite

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