Harmony Posts Trailer for Miss Lucifer's 'Malice in Lalaland'

LONDON — European adult studio Miss Lucifer has released the trailer for its upcoming feature "Malice in Lalaland," an X-rated retelling of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" shot on 35mm film and starring high-profile adult performer Sasha Grey.

"We're very pleased to host the trailer for this film," said Jason Maskell, Harmony Films manager of sales and marketing. "There hasn't been a project this big shot on film recently. Miss Lucifer did an amazing job shooting from the California desert to Los Angeles with Sasha. This is a movie unlike anything the public has ever seen."

The 42-second trailer can be seen on the HarmonySocial.com social networking site. Registration, which is free, is required to see the trailer. Harmony Films is the exclusive distributor for Miss Lucifer productions.

Miss Lucifer's prior release, the stylized "Hell is Where the Party Is," was well received by reviewers in the U.S. and Europe.

"Malice in Lalaland" is set for worldwide release in late September.

Retailers should contact their wholesalers for more information on getting "Malice in Lalaland."