Jet Set Cooks Up Jason Adonis Comeback

JC Adams
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Fan-favorite performer Jason Adonis, whose much-touted comeback earlier this year was scrapped at the last minute, has reversed course and returned to the blue sceen for Jet Set Productions.

The brawny model, famed for his blue eyes, matinee-idol good looks and muscular physique, flew into Los Angeles last week for a duo scene with performer Dakota Rivers, as well as a solo masturbation vignette.

He also gave what the studio termed "an in-depth interview" for the forthcoming blue movie "Jason Adonis: Unseen," a compilation with a twist: the film will feature new versions of Adonis' work for the studio that have been re-edited from the original source materials.

The success at the wholesale and retail level of "Brett Mycles: Unseen," featuring re-edited scenes of the popular bodybuilder, prompted Jet Set to undertake a similar project anchored by Adonis.

"These projects require going back to the vault, re-editing, composing new music, color-correcting and remastering the previous scenes," said Jet Set head of production Chris Steele. "The process reveals never-before-seen footage and introduces it into the new version."

New footage for "Jason Adonis: Unseen" project was to have been shot earlier this year when Adonis announced a return to the blue screen after a hiatus of several years.

However, the performer abruptly changed his mind about the comeback shortly before he was to film the lead in "Car Jackers," a role which was subsequently given to studio exclusive Marcus Steele.

Adonis soon contacted the company and asked whether the "Unseen" project would be scrapped.

"I told him that the project was still in post but it just wouldn't have any new footage, per se, so I would probably call it something else," Steele told XBIZ.

"He was very concerned about how things were left after his sudden departure and he wasn't really sure what to do about it. But he did not want that to be the last thing people knew about him or how he was remembered."

Steele says Adonis subsequently asked for a second chance. "He felt that he looks better now than he ever has, and I agreed to set it up. He came to Los Angeles and first did a photo shoot for us. The next day we filmed an in-depth interview that goes into everything."

Adonis' solo performance resulted in "a truly amazing cumshot" Steele said. "He was a true gentleman and I am glad that he came back to complete 'Jason Adonis: Unseen.' We definitely have plans to work together in the future."

Adonis shot several dozen films between 2002 and 2007. He quickly became one of gay adult's most popular performers via such sexpics as "The Hole" and "Wet Palms" (both Jet Set Prods.) as well as "Through the Woods," "The Farmer's Son" and "Taking Flight" for Falcon Studios, which released a "Best of Jason Adonis" compilation several years ago.

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