Channel 1 Releasing Cracks 'Black Jaw Breakers'

JC Adams
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Prolific production and distribution house Channel 1 Releasing has All Worlds Video re-release "Black Jaw Breakers" on tap alongside fuck flicks from Catalina Video and Dirk Yates.

"Black Jaw Breakers" was directed by B. Love and originally released by Big City Video in 1999. Singly named cast members include Erik, Freedom, Gortex, Kody, Louie, Mario, Pedro, Tony and True.

"These big, black men show it off to you both with each other and alone," the studio said.

C1R also has the Catalina Video sexpic "Masterpiece" on DVD. Directed by Scott Masters and originally released in 1991, the blue movie set in an erotically charged drawing class features such popular erotic idols as Johnny Rahm and Damien with Russ Adams, Nino Marcos, Scott Martin, Eric Nielsen and Tad Winslow.

Solo flick "Dirk Yates' College Cocks 3" toplines the fratboy-handsome, singly named K.C. with Jarrad, Luigi, Jon Martin, Trevor Mustang, Dayton O'Connor, Login Robbins and Steve Wulf.

"Dirk Yates is at it again. He's invited eight handsome and hung college students over to his place for some extracurricular activity," the studio said. "These guys have what it takes to excel and we get to see every inch of their student bodies."

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