LELO Releases Series of Illuminated Display Units

Anne Winter
STOCKHOLM — Luxury sex product designer LELO has released a series of illuminated display cases made from scratch-resistant materials and designed to enhance retail space without taking up too much space.

LELO U.S. Sales Manager Donna Faro told XBIZ that the three cases — one each for wall, floor and counter-top display — were developed by a top cosmetic design house and are made of medium density fiber, glass and acrylic for lightweight durability.

“We are approaching more of an artistic and inviting form of showcasing items to allow easy and frequent display updating,” Faro said. “LELO set out to produce merchandising pieces that would sustain their quality for years to come, as with our products.”

The units come stocked with locking glass shelving, LED lighting fixtures that consume less energy and run for more than 80,000 hours, and secure storage space for keeping LELO stock easily accessible.

The wall unit measures 85x45x193 cm; the floor unit measures 40x40x133 cm; and the counter display measures 33x34x40 cm. The wall and floor units come with eight acrylic display units from the LELO Product Display collection and six display stands. The counter unit comes with two of each.

“We are thrilled about the new display cases LELO is now offering, and believe their impact on sales for the line will be extraordinary,” Entrenue Sales and Marketing Manager Lisa Mazurek said. “This type of statement breeds a sense of confidence in buyers’ minds, regarding both the LELO brand [and the stores] carrying it. [I] think this will change the face adult retail.”

“LELO is offering a world class shopping experience which is unparallel in the adult industry,” Faro said. “Savvy retailers are absolutely going to be setting themselves in the direction of long-term increased sales, building customer loyalty, and immediately updating their quality of merchandising by participating in this amazing opportunity.”

Faro said the units will hit the U.S. market Sept. 15, but quantities are limited. She recommends contacting your local LELO distributor today, or email usa@lelo.com for more information.