Jet Set Feeling 'Dicktimized' by Blu-ray

JC Adams
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — The Marcus Steele-Rod Daily sexpic "Dicktimized" is among three blue movies re-released on Blu-ray by all-male studio Jet Set Productions.

"Big Dick Society II: Dicktimized" joins Jet Set's "Screwed" with David Taylor and "5 Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy" with Adam Campbell on Blu-ray. "Slide" starring David Dakota and Derec Stone was released on the format earlier this year.

Head of Production Chris Steele said the Blu-ray titles would be priced identically to product released on standard-definition DVD.

"Our decision to keep the pricing levels equal is consistent with studies showing for the first time that 50 percent of American households have at least one HD television," he said. "That gives Blu-ray the foothold into the mass market it has been seeking."

Production costs are currently higher for Blu-ray over standard-definition DVDs. Steele notes that although Blu-ray titles from rival studios can be priced as much as 20 percent higher, he feels the investment is worthwhile.

"Our customers will be thrilled when they see the action pop right off the screen as if they were watching it live in their bedroom," he said.

Jet Set Marketing Director John Tegan notes the format appears to be moving out of its "early adopters phase and into a broad, mass-market phase." "Consumers will expect — if not demand — that they pay no more for the quality they've come to expect on Blu-ray. And that's what we’re giving them."

The forthcoming sports-oriented "Tackle" will be the company's next Blu-ray title.

Additional all-male producers releasing on the format include Raging Stallion Studios and Titan Media.

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