SiN2.0 Releases Cybernet Expo Seminar Podcasts

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Adult industry podcast distributor SiN2.0 has posted edited podcasts from the seminars at Cybernet Expo last June.

“The podcast is a way to give back to the greater community of online adult industry professionals who aren’t able to make it to the seminars at these shows for whatever reason,” SiN2.0 owner J-SiN said. “We edit down each podcast to just the most relevant talking points and distill the important information from each panel.”

The first Cybernet Expo seminar, “Marketing Personalities with Social Networking Tools, “ is live now at the SiN2.0 website and will also be broadcast Aug. 12 on Radio Dentata’s Webmaster Wednesday line up of programming.

Other Cybernet Expo seminar podcasts will be available in the coming weeks including “ Understanding Fetish and Niche Markets” on Aug. 24 and “The State of the Industry” on Sept. 7. Podcasts are available for individual download or by subscription, free of charge.

SiN2.0 is a social media website dedicated to supporting the informational needs of the adult webmaster community and the online adult industry.