Private Announces September Releases

BARCELONA — Private Media Group has announced the release of three titles: “Bi Sexual Clinic,” “The MILF Cafe” and “Orgy at the Villa.”

“Bi Sexual Clinic” bares a uniform theme in which male patients engage in hardcore with each other, doctors and female nurses.

“I love bisexual porn,” said Kathy Sweet, who plays a nurse in the movie. “There is nothing hotter in the world than watching two guys fucking each other but then when you add a sexy girl to it [like me], it suddenly takes on an incredible sexual energy and goes to whole other level.”

“The MILF Café” features Mandy Bright as the owner of a cafe in which young waiters satisfy older women.

“A lot of my older lady friends only fuck guys under 25 years old,” director JF Romangnoli said. “They spend every day in the gym keeping their bodies fit and slim and spend fortunes on clothes and make up. They are sexually experienced and know what they like. Their hunting grounds are the bars and cafés in the city centre where they seek out the hunky young dudes. They never go home alone.”

“Orgy at the Villa” is from Private’s Gold line features European leaders with escorts at their palatial homes and villas. The movie stars Sandy, Natali D’Angelo, Naomi and Simonne Style.