All-Star Cast Announced for Raging Stallion Sexpic

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — All-male production house Raging Stallion Studios has announced newcomer Cole Streets will headline its big-budget autumn sexpic "Focus/Refocus" with a bulging all-star cast in featured roles.

The film will be shot on location in San Francisco by the directing team of Ben Leon, Tony Dimarco and Chris Ward. A studio rep billed "Focus/Refocus" as an "expansive crime drama that builds on Raging Stallion's big-movie tradition" with a budget of $177,000.

Their large-canvas blue movies such as the cowboy-themed "To the Last Man" and military epic "Grunts" have dominated the adult industry awards circuit in recent years.

The "Focus/Refocus" script penned by Dan Rhodes also contains what the studio rep described as "controversial" elements. " 'To the Last Man' generated controversy because of the high level of violence in the film. Most of the deaths that occur in this crime drama take place offscreen. Even so, the grand finale of this movie will be one of the most controversial scenes yet released by a major studio. Actors and crew have been sworn to secrecy on all aspects of this final scene."

In addition to Streets, performers Bruno Bond, Steve Cruz and David Taylor are set to fill out the principal supporting roles.

Additional featured players include Jason Crew, Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho, Alejandro Fernandez, Conner Habib, Tristan Jaxx, Adam Killian, Wilfried Knight, Ryan Raz, Ricky Sinz, Scott Tanner and Austin Wilde with several newcomers also on tap.

"I am very, very excited by this cast. These guys not only look great, but the combined acting talent here is amazing," said studio principal Chris Ward. "This will be a major movie of top quality. Cole Streets is going to do a great job — he is going to become an instant superstar with this role."

Streets expressed his appreciation to Raging Stallion for the opportunity. "I can hardly believe it. Chris, Ben and Tony have put a great deal of trust in me to carry the lead role in this movie. It's going to be a challenge, but I am excited and can't wait to get started."

"Now I just have to memorize 50 pages of dialogue!"

Co-director Dimarco said the film is the biggest he's tackled in his adult career. "In terms of the scope and the complexity of the story, it's much more developed than anything I've worked on in the past. I love the challenge of doing things I've never done before."

He also notes the high-octane cast easily fell into place. "We were very lucky to come up with such an amazing, A-level cast. We didn't plan it that way but now it makes total sense."

"This is a script that is demanding on multiple levels," said co-director Leon. "As a filmmaker, my goal is to face new challenges and push myself and those around me to produce bigger and better, but also more refined films."

"The acting is essential, the lighting is essential and, of course, the hot sex is essential. As a team, Chris, Tony and I are continually pushing each other to raise the bar. This project will be a culmination of all our talents and skills."

"Focus/Refocus" is scheduled for a late-November release. For sales inquiries, visit Raging Stallion online or call (877) 327-0707.