ProBilling Unveils ProChat

Gretchen Gallen
CALGARY, Alberta -- On the heels of similar online customer support services being launched by mainstream companies like Intel, NBC, and Boeing, proBilling went live this week with proChat, a live chat feature designed to streamline communication between the company's support team and its adult industry merchants.

ProChat uses TCP/IP protocol stack with an IP multicast feature, and the proChat icon serves like an ICQ by enabling real-time instant messaging between merchant and processor.

According to proBilling President Colin Holowaychuk, the newly-launched proChat link is featured on every page of the company website that pertains to merchants, including the sign-up process, and allows webmasters to communicate directly and immediately with proBilling staff on any number of issues.

"They can click on a button and we're there," Colin told XBiz. "We can see everyone who is on any given page and if they get stuck or have questions we can help them more immediately."

The proChat feature also alerts proBilling to a lapse in time during a merchant transaction so that support staff can immediately step in and offer assistance to consumers.

"We've basically used existing live chat technology, re-branded it, and customized it for our purposes," Colin told XBiz. "We're not anonymous, we're very available. We're just on the other side if they need us or get stuck."

ProBilling also made recent changes to its password management system by integrating a script that is more advanced and secure than standard CGI scripts, Colin told XBiz.

In keeping with new regulations being enforced by credit card behemouth Visa, three months ago proBilling implemented a chargeback reduction program for adult merchants. The new program is designed to simplify adult payment processing when it comes to keeping in step with Visa's new one percent chargeback ratio.

"We have merchant service reps that will act as consultants with our merchants to advise them of ways to reduce their charge back risks," Colin told XBiz. "It's made a big difference with our merchants, knowing we are partnering up with them to lower their risk."