Alexis Amore Tells L.A. Times She Wants Tats Off

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Performer Alexis Amore's dissatisfaction with her tattoos — a Playboy bunny on her midsection and a crown and a letter "A" on her wrists — is highlighted in a story in today's Los Angeles Times about a company that removes tattoos and is thinking of offering an IPO.

"I got them when I was really young," Amore told the Times. "I'm a little bit older and a little bit wiser now. And it's not very classy to have tattoos on your wrists and stomach."

The company, Dr, Tattoff, operates three tattoo-removal clinics in the upscale Southern California areas of Beverly Hills, Encino and Irvine and plans five more locations outside California by the end of the year. At the clinics, technicians use lasers to burn tattoos off, using different light wavelengths to match the colors of a tattoo.

According to the article, it may take as many as 10 treatments — costing $400 each — to eradicate Amore's tattoos.

The business-oriented article also discusses what it will take to build the Dr. Tattoff brand into an attractive investment and the proper timing to offer an IPO.

The complete article is available at the Times website.