Pacific Sun Dubs Hit Catalog Titles Into Spanish

JC Adams
NORTH HILLS, Calif. — A pair of top-selling all-male titles from production and distribution house Pacific Sun Entertainment have been dubbed into Spanish in order to expand their audience reach.

"We've gone multi-lingual in our efforts to reach an ever-widening and more culturally diverse audience," said Michael LaBarbera, head of production and marketing.

"We are proud to re-release two of our bestselling titles, both directed by Csaba Borbely, dubbed in Spanish."

The blue movies are "Lo Mas Grande Que He Visto" ("The Biggest One I Ever Scored") and "Montando a Lo Bestia" ("Ride 'Em Rough").

Both films were initially released several years ago. "Ride 'Em Rough" toplines Dirk Jager with Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti, Lucien Dickson and Rod Stevens. "The Biggest One I Ever Scored" stars Lucas DiFubbiano, Austin Rogers and the Mangiatti twins.

The movies were both dubbed into Spanish with newly printed Spanish-language DVD inserts.

"These bestsellers were originally shot in Hungary, subtitled in English, and are now dubbed in Spanish. They've had an unusual journey in the XXX wholesale-retail marketplace," LaBarbera said. "Now they are enjoying a new life by reaching out to a more global market."

He said last year's "Muscle Bear Trap" from director Paul Barresi will next receive the Spanish-dubbed treatment.

In related news, PacSun has recently begun shipping gay adult product to the Republic of China.

For sales inquiries visit the official PacSun wholesale website or call (800) 333-8149.