Liberator Boutique Opening in Texas

HOUSTON — Liberator has announced the grand opening of Eros 1207 Lovers Boutique, which will feature a self-contained Liberator boutique.

Gary Perina, chief project officer for Liberator, will be attending the opening to introduce Liberator products, including its Ramp that appeared in the mainstream comedy “Burn After Reading.”

“With the self-contained Liberator Boutique, the Eros 1207 Boutique has an amazing assortment of intimacy products, including Liberator Shapes and positioning systems, Black label sex furniture with cuffs and ties, latex couture and exotic dress-up, and sensual accessories for home décor,” Liberator CEO Louis Friedman said.

The grand opening takes place tomorrow at 10 a.m. The store is located at 1207 Spencer Hwy., in South Houston, Texas.