Candida Royalle Gets Mainstream Exposure

Tod Hunter
NEW YORK — The work of director/producer Candida Royalle has been recognized by Time Out New York, Redbook and

Time Out New York ranked the Royalle-produced mixed ethnic DVD "AfroDite Superstar" one of the “best New York City Porn Films” of all time along with Gerard Damiano's 1973 "The Devil In Miss Jones" and Joanna Angel's 2006 "Joanna’s Angels 2: Alt. Throttle." The article described "AfroDite Superstar" as “tasteful and femme-friendly.”

Royalle was also noted on in an article originally posted on for creating “erotic videos made expressly for women.” The article — “Are More Women OK with Watching Porn?” — was first published in Oprah’s magazine “O” in July 2007.

“To have Oprah acknowledge that women are not only watching but enjoying porn shows how far we’ve come since I started Femme Productions in 1984,” Royalle said. “Back then, the notion of women-friendly porn wasn’t even a concept for most people.”

The Liberte model of the Natural Contours intimate massagers, which were designed by Royalle, also were mentioned in the July issue of Redbook magazine. In a feature called “Sex Life Road Test" the Liberte, called a “multitalented massager,” received a “Red-sizzlin’-hot” rating from one anonymous couple. She said, “My orgasm was insane"; he said, “The stimulation was fun for me too."

This fall, Royalle and Adam & Eve Pictures, who distribute Royalle’s Femme line, will release European filmmaker Petra Joy's first U.S. release, "Feeling It!" Joy's features have won several awards and nominations in Europe and Canada.