2Men1Podcast Launches Debut Episode

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual and TopBucks announced the premiere of 2Men1Podcast.com, a porn industry-inspired podcast featuring comedy segments, news and commentary as well as industry and talent guests.

The 2Men1Podcast premiere episode, hosted by Q Boyer and Don G, features a debate on porn stars such as Sasha Grey breaking through to the mainstream, an interview with Diane Duke and Joanne Cachapero of the Free Speech Coalition and comedy segments “Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Porn” and “Great Heroes of Porn History.”

“We listened to some of the podcasts that other adult companies were doing and thought to ourselves, ‘Hey, we can be that silly and stupid,’ and with that lofty mission statement in mind, we produced and developed nine test episodes, all the while nudging industry-folk and talent to subscribe to the show via iTunes,” Boyer said. “They liked what they heard and then recommended the show to their friends, and the whole thing became self-feeding, which totally confirmed our suspicion that we are indeed at least as silly and stupid as the industry’s other podcasters, if not more so.”

The nine test episodes are available for download via iTunes and 2Men1Podcast.com.