Rob Rotten Creates ‘Bong Load Girls’ Photo Book

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — Director Rob Rotten has released a companion photo book to his instant cult classic adult film, “Bong Load Girls.” The book contains thousands of production stills from the movie in addition to errata and production notes from behind the scenes of getting the movie made.

“Going through the thousands of photos I shot on-set while creating the movie’s box cover really made a big impact and I just said ‘Woah, this would make an incredible book!’” Rotten told XBIZ. “There’s so much cool shit that would never be used or seen so I wanted to make sure it was. I thought making this book would be a better investment than taking out an ad in High Times.”

While the glossy photography is the centerpiece of the softcover book, perhaps the most intriguing element is the mounds of production notes, script re-writes, location descriptions and even rejection letters from distributors.

“I’m sure a photography professor would rip this book to shreds and say something like ‘Less is more’ or whatever, but the whole premise of the book is to show everything that goes into creating one of these stupid little movies,” Rotten said.

Rotten said he took some layout cues from “Gonzo,” an art book about the life and times of Hunter S. Thompson and that “Bong Load Girls: The Book” was basically a one-man show that came to him “after drinking too much cough syrup.”

Rotten produced and released the book through his Punx Productions label. It’s available for wholesale-retail sales through JM Productions, Punx’s DVD distributor. It’s also available on and on the Punx Productions website.

To order, call JM at (800) 550-3659.