Fla. Town Manager Fired; Adult Performer Wife a 'Distraction'

Tod Hunter
FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — Town Manager William Scott Janke was fired Tuesday during an emergency city council meeting, which was called when it was discovered that Janke's wife was adult performer Jazella Moore.

Moore has appeared in three adult videos released in 2008 and 2009 and operates the JazellaMoore.com website. They were married in October.

Fort Myers Beach Mayor Larry Kiker called the meeting after receiving media inquiries. The story was first reported by AINews, an adult-news website.

"When this story began to break, I was actually called by a local reporter, who also called the mayor about a day before he was going to actually print these articles," Janke said in an interview with "The Daily Show" on CBS this morning. "The mayor and I chatted on the phone. Because of my ethics, I said, 'I'm willing to resign with compensation if the town council thinks it will help the community not be so distracted."

The board voted 5-0 that Janke be terminated under a clause in his contract that lets the council dismiss him ''without cause'' with a severance package. The amount called for in the contract is six months salary plus health benefits. The salary portion of the contract is approximately $50,000, Kiker said.

Council member Jo List said her vote was not a judgment of Janke or his wife.

''My vote was a vote on the credibility and livelihood of our town,'' List said. ''I do know her, and I have nothing bad to say about her. She's always been very pleasant and very interested in what her husband does for the town. It's not a statement on what she does and not a judgment on what she chose as a career.''

Janke told CBS anchor Harry Smith that he and his wife have received hundreds of e-mails from people saying the town shouldn't have fired him.

When Smith said that Janke probably wouldn't be out of work for long, Janke replied, "Well, that would be nice. You got something?"