Mercenary Pictures Nominated for 20 Urban X Awards

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Mercenary Pictures racked up more than 20 nominations for Urban X Awards.

Company owner Lexington Steele is nominated for five performance awards.

"The Urban X nominations for our movies and my work as a performer are important to myself and my company because of the show's celebration of racial diversity," Steele said. "The ethnic category of movies and its performers have traditionally been given less consideration than others in the industry. I appreciate its organizers recognizing Mercenary Pictures and myself among our peers of ethnic and interracial producers and performers."

Other nominations include Best All-Sex Release for "Fresh Out the Box 12," Best Amateur Release for "Black Moon Risin' 9," Best Anal Release for "Top Guns 9" and Best Series Black for "Black Moon Risin'," among others.

The Urban X Awards will be held Sunday at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood.

Steele also will be on the red carpet to interview the show's guests for his upcoming mainstream program, "The Lexington Steele Show."