Pure Play Media Releases New Homegrown Video Titles

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pure Play Media has introduced eight new titles from Homegrown Video.

The latest releases include “Deepthroat Virgins 32,” “Backyard Amateurs 19,” “Homegrown Video 762: Cummer vs. Cummer,” “Limelight Girls 17,” “Natural Bush 47,” “Sex Kittens 45,” “Homegrown Video 763: Tits of Avalon” and “Cream Pie 61.”

“Homegrown is an exceptional producer of amateur content and their DVDs are incredibly popular,” Pure Play Media CEO Richard Arnold said. “These latest additions are just what the Homegrown connoisseur needs in their collection of very fresh and fun action.”

For sales, contact sales@pureplaymedia.com.