XFANZ TV's Look at New Sensations' 'Friends' Parody Begins

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV takes a look behind the scenes at New Sensations' "Friends: A XXX Parody" today.

On the first day of shooting, director Lee Roy Myers is pleased with the setup.

"We got the set, we got the cast, we got the crew," Myers says. "Everybody's looking hot, everybody's ready to fuck, and everybody's ready to do their dialogue."

The settings of "Friends: A XXX Parody" may seem familiar to fans of the mainstream sitcom. The coffee house has been renamed "Canoga Perk."

"Friends: A XXX Parody" star Rocco Reed says he likes the original show

"It's very funny," Reed says. "I think this is the best parody that anyone's shot, because 'Friends' has the most broad spectrum of fans. Anyone would be interested to see this."

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