Paradise Marketing to Sell, Market Innervibe Products

Tod Hunter
VISTA, Calif. — Distributor Paradise Marketing is taking over the sales and marketing of products from manufacturer Innervibe.

"They're really intelligent guys, they have an outstanding product, and I really like the technology," Paradise Marketing owner Dennis Paradise told XBIZ. "Their technology is a measurable step up from what else is available on the market. I like being better. You don’t have to make excuses for quality or horsepower." Paradise is currently offering the Innervibe Vibrating Ring, Nanovibe, Double Pleasure Vibrating Ring and Sensavibe. Other products are being revamped to make them work better for the retailer and consumer.

"There was one package called the 'Weekend Package' and it had 12 sachets of lubricant," Paradise said. "That's too many.

"It's a really good marriage," Paradise said. "Within two weeks of having the product, we had it on display in the major casinos in Las Vegas."

Paradise Marketing had previously placed its Vivid condoms in Las Vegas hotel lobby convenience stores.

Distributors interested in the line should visit the Paradise Marketing website