Belladonna Radio Chats With Tom Byron

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Tom Byron will appear on Belladonna Radio on Monday at noon PST.

The show is broadcast live from adult star Belladonna’s home.

“There’s going to be a lot of reminiscing going on,” Byron said. “I’m going to be spending this weekend remembering all the crazy shit we did in our last movie together, part of the ‘Lord of Asses’ line.”

Belladonna has appeared in several Tom Byron Pictures and sister studio Rosebud Video titles, including “Lord of Asses 6,” “Bottom Feeders 6,” “Butt Sluts 7,” “Whack Attack” 11 & 17, “Bend Over & Take It Whore,” and “DNA (Deep N Ass).”

“That girl’s got one amazing ass – and I’m only lucky she gave me access,” Byron said. “Plus, she’s one sexy, smart and savvy studio owner, so we have running a business in common.”