AIDS Healthcare Foundation Holds Press Conference

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — The AIDS Healthcare Foundation held a press conference Friday to call attention to its lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to require condom use in the production of adult video.

"The experiment with self-regulation in the porn industry is a flop," said Michael Weinstein, AIDS Healthcare Foundation president. "We believe the county has an obligation to shut down sets where condoms are not being used.

"We have a raging threat of infection, and nothing at all is being done."

In the suit, which was filed yesterday, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to order condom use or take other "reasonable steps" to slow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The suit was filed in response to the recent adult performer quarantine that followed an HIV-positive test that was received by Adult Industry Medical Healthcare on June 6. The HIV-positive performer, a female identified only as Patient Zero, had shot a scene on June 5 with an outdated test.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation calls itself the US’ largest non-profit HIV/AIDS healthcare provider, which operates the largest HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease testing and prevention program in California. The foundation currently provides treatment, care and support services to more than 100,000 individuals in 21 countries worldwide in the U.S., Africa, Latin America/Caribbean and Asia.