Scott Paul, Stockroom Products Appear in 'Bruno' Movie

Bob Preston
HOLLYWOOD, Calif — Adult performer Heidi Mayne wasn't the only adult industry presence in Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy "Bruno."

Adult novelty and fetish-gear practitioner Scott Paul had one of his most popular toys play a starring role in one of the movie's many zany scenes. In this case, Baron Cohen's alter-ego, the flamboyantly gay fashion reporter Bruno, has to call security at a small-town hotel to get himself disentangled from his partner while they're decked out in leather and fetish gear.

Paul's "Humiliator" mouth gag appears prominently in the scene, adorned with a toilet scrubber. The "Humiliator" gag is a standard gag capped with an interchangeable mouthpiece that can support an ashtray, a scrub brush or other implements.

Paul's toy made its way into the Bruno movie by way of adult novelty giant Stockroom, which sells the toy under the name "How May I Help You."

Paul told XBIZ that he's been selling his products through Stockroom for about five years.

"I actually sell more through Stockroom," he said while also heaping praise on the company.

Stockroom Brand Manager Ann-Marie Holman echoed the praise.

"Whenever we pick up a third-party product, we try to pick ones up that are really innovative," she told XBIZ.

Stockroom designer Jeff, who met with the movie's production team, said that they bought "several thousand dollars worth" of merchandise.

"These are just a few items selected for the movie," he said. "Sacha [Baron Cohen] and his production team must really have enjoyed going through our catalogue."