Standard Digital Launches Male Enhancement Company

Bob Preston
TARZANA, Calif. — Standard Digital has expanded its reach into the male-enhancement industry with the introduction of a new company dedicated to the products called Potency Labs.

The company's first two entries into this arena are called Mega Rize and Mega Load. As expected, the former aids erectile function, while the latter helps with ejaculatory force and volume.

Standard Digital Owner Steve Stevens said that he and his team worked only with the most knowledgeable minds in the male potency industry.

"We've worked with the most respected leaders in the [male potency] industry to develop this proprietary formula to help men perform at their best, experience harder, longer lasting erections and achieve an overall feeling of good health," he said. "The blend helps in endurance and recovery [and] recycle time more than the individual ingredients could on their own. This originally started out to help men in their sexual performance, but it's become something that will help guys from all walks of life without unwanted side effects or prescriptions."

The products include such ingredients as yohimbine, horny goat weed, tribulus and deer antler velvet.

"Our supplements are a complete systemic and synergistic approach for results that just work," Stevens said. "This is a proprietary blend exclusive to Potency Labs and several of our ingredients, including deer antler velvet, are rarely — if ever — found in other male enhancement products."

Standard Digital is best known for its ongoing adult series, Taboo.