Conservative Group Files 16 Complaints Against Steve Crow

Bob Preston
AUCKLAND, New Zealand — A conservative, pro-censorship organization in New Zealand has filed 16 complaints against porn baron Steve Crow, the man behind the nation's annual Erotica Expo.

The Society for the Promotion of Community Standards is a nonprofit organization that promotes so-called conservative family values. Its membership mostly comprises Christian citizens and officials.

The complaints levied against Crow center around alleged infractions of the 1993 Companies Act, which grants company managers flexibility while also holding them accountable for their actions.

The nature of the complaints ranges far and wide. Here are a few:

    • That Crow is a "lame-duck" co-director of the company HWGA Ltd. Such a status would mean that Crow doesn't have the authority to run his own company.
    • That Crow inappropriately filed official documents on behalf of the company, in this case a "particulars of shareholding" document.
    • That Crow misrepresented his home address.

The Society for the Promotion of Community Standards issued a statement, making it known that they registered their complaints with two government agencies: the National Enforcement Unit and the Companies Office, which handles complaints related to the Companies Act.

The Society singles out Dermott Malley, CEO of Truth Publications Ltd., as a co-conspirator of Crow's. Malley publishes a tabloid called Truth that often spotlights Crow.

"Malley’s Truth tabloid makes much of its money by advertising porn, and services relating to the sex industry," the Society said. "It also publishes articles sensationalizing Steve Crow’s triumphs in sleaze promotion. Crow has said that his plan is to watch first-hand how you go about spreading moral decay and degeneracy through a nation of innocents."

Besides the Erotica Expo, Crow also runs the annual Boobs on Bikes parade.