AmateurMasters Changes Hands

Gretchen Gallen
FLORIDA – Webmaster resource and chat board officially changed hands this week. The popular site was started three years ago by Rick Muenyong, founder of YNOT, and is considered by many members of the adult world to be the premier site for the amateur webmaster community.

After weeks of negotiations, CyberInventions and BL Products acquired the site on Oct. 2, although financial details were not available.

Robb Cain of CyberInventions and Brett LaMar have partnered on the deal, each bringing to the table years of industry experience and their own family of websites.

CyberInventions is home to the family of websites, including and several Amateur traffic and pay websites. BL Products owns, an amateur site that features LaMar and his wife in various intimate escapades.

According to Cain, already has a lot of dedicated and active members, but in the coming months the new owners intend to double the available resources and the current member base before the Vegas Internext show.

Additionally, Cain and LaMar plan on adding features to that will expand the site's productivity, and interactivity, and especially its exposure within the webmaster community.

According to Cain, plans to ramp-up the site's resource function are primary, along with additions such as the ability for AmateurMasters' members to run their own weekly TV show with industry guests. In the coming months there will also be traffic rewards, contests and prizes, Cain said.

"It's been done well up until now," Cain told XBiz. "But there are no where near as many members as there should be. We pretty much plan on doubling everything. This board was built with a lot of hard work and you can be sure that the new crew will continue to put in the required effort to step it up a notch."

Reportedly Muenyong's reason behind the sale of the site was that he needed to focus on other projects.

"He didn't really have the time to devote to it," said Cain. "He basically stepped aside to give it a chance to grow."

Muenyong's parting words on the board read: "I've been in private negotiations with a few different amateur companies, all who I felt were well qualified to continue the success of this community. A deal was finally made last month, and contracts were signed yesterday."

Cain told XBiz that he and LaMar hooked up working on past products, and most recently's newly-launched project, in which Cain and LaMar have wired twenty homes with webcams.

According to Cain, only deals with real web girls, no paid models, and the daily, moment-to-moment details of their private lives.

"Since we're in the amateur community, we're pretty tight with everyone," Cain told XBiz. "Most of the girls were already in the network, so we moved on from there. We though it would be a neat idea."

Cain told XBiz that next month he plans to launch a site featuring porn star cams that will feature stars like Nina Hartley, among many others.