Judge Extends 2257 Motion Again

Gretchen Gallen
DENVER, Co. – Marking the third temporary restraining order extension in the lawsuit between the Free Speech Coalition and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a motion was filed in the U.S. District Court of Colorado Monday that extends the reprieve for FSC members from U.S.C. 18 § 2257 record-keeping enforcement for another 30 days.

The TRO in the FSC et al vs. Alberto Gonzales will terminate Nov. 30, or until the court rules on the plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary injunction, whichever occurs first, said Tom Hymes, FSC’s communications director.

In the meantime, FSC members are protected from inspections related to amended 2257 law.

“We understand that the adult entertainment community is as eager as we are to have a ruling on our motion for a preliminary injunction,” said FSC Executive Director Michelle L. Freridge. “But sometimes the wheels of justice revolve very slowly, and we simply must be patient.

Freridge added that the FSC is confident that a decision by U.S District Court Judge Walker Miller will be rendered soon.

“We are as confident as ever that our arguments challenging these abusive regulations will win out at the end of the day,” Freridge said. “We appreciate your patience, and look forward to ultimate victory in this significant battle to protect your free speech rights.”