GuyzInGear Fetish Site Moves to Blue Screen

JC Adams
NEW YORK — A new DVD line with a focus on fetish has been launched by gay male social networking website The first title is expected in September.

Site owner Russell — known by the handle "Rubber Rebel" — stressed the authenticity of his forthcoming blue movies and told XBIZ the films will feature "real fetish players doing real fetish scenes with real fetish equipment, so viewers can see and enjoy the scene unfolding as if they were in the room."

Russell prefers this "true-to-life" approach and feels consumers — particularly those who practice the lifestyle — can tell the difference between actors-for-hire and models who participate in fetish sexplay on their own time.

"This seems to be the trend today, which is why tube sites and sites like GuyzInGear that allow member-produced content are popular," he said. "The viewers want it true-to-life and have grown bored with the cookie-cutter approach to production."

Exclusive distribution for the GuyzInGear DVD line will be managed by fetish gear/medical equipment website

BDG is an acronym for "bondage and dungeon gear." For sales inquiries, visit them online or call 866-333-BDGS (2347).