New Green Technology Sex Toy Comes From Ireland

Tod Hunter
DUBLIN, Ireland — After two years of development, Dublin-based Caden Enterprises has introduced "The Earth Angel," a vibrator that powers up from a USB connector or a wind-up key.

"All elements of the Earth Angel have been used with the environment in mind, from the internal parts to the outer packaging," a company spokesperson said. "We have only produced our vibrator in one color, white, in keeping with the concept behind the product."

Unused power is stored in the vibrator for future use. The reusable power source precludes the use of disposable batteries, which use heavy metals — including mercury, cadmium and lead — that can cause environmental pollution after being discarded.

The Earth Angel is the first product from Caden Enterprises, which has plans to produce a line of environmentally friendly sex toys.

The Earth Angel is available worldwide. It is distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Entrenue, and is available at retail in the U.S. through Babeland, Good Vibrations and online retailer