Mary Carey Buys Ad Time on Leno

Tina Reilly
In her first-ever advertising campaign, porn actress and gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey will bare all (well, almost) to the huge late night demographic that watches NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

The porn star and her entourage have purchased the 30-second television ad spot for $3,000 to air tonight on KNBC during one of the show's commercial breaks. The spot will air only once, representatives for Carey announced.

In her 30 seconds of fame, Carey will disrobe from an orange, two-piece Cal Trans jumpsuit to a skimpy stars-and-stripes bikini. The background set of the spot suggests an official governmental office, complete with a desk, an American flag, and a surly-looking security guard.

According to an NBC staff member for "The Tonight Show," an average six million people watch funny man Jay Leno each night. On the eve of the historic California recall election, Carey's provocative ad campaign is bound to resonate in the minds of voters as they line up at the polls the following day disillusioned by their political choices.

The intent behind Carey's ad splurge is to convey some of the highlights of her political campaign, should she be voted into office. Carey is in favor of legalizing gay marriage, taxing breast implants, making lap dances a tax-deductible expense, and installing web cams in the governor's mansion. Carey has also stated that if she is elected as Governor, she will enact a law that requires all California bars to stay open until 4 a.m.

Carey is among 130 candidates running in the recall election to oust Governor Grey Davis from office. Fellow running mates include Larry Flynt and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Carey appeared recently alongside 90 other recall candidates on a taping of "The Tonight Show," and she was seen in the buff on an Oct. 3 appearance for Video Secret's live interactive chat show.

Carey also participated in the recent Game Show Network contest, "Who Wants to be Governor of California: The Debating Game" with five other minor candidates, including former child star Gary Coleman.