Calvista Hitches Up to TitanMen Service Stations

JC Adams
MELBOURNE, Australia — Adult distribution company Calvista Australia is hitching up local retailers to its TitanMen Service Stations.

The Service Station is a four-way rotating gondola designed to accommodate every category of branded adult product produced by Titan Media, including DVDs, Blu-ray titles, lubricants and the TitanMen Tools line of adult novelties.

Calvista Australia is the exclusive TitanMen distributor for the continent.

"For the retailer it provides a designated space for merchandising the range and assists with stock control and re-ordering," a company publicist said. "For the customer it is a one-stop shop-within-a-shop."

"A brand's strength is in its emotional connection to the consumer. Spreading a brand's range from one end of a store to the other weakens its impact and at the very least, reduces the opportunity of multiple sales. Present the range as a collective and customers gravitate to the selection, maximizing the sales opportunity."

The TitanMen Service Station was introduced as a prototype at the Adultex trade show in March. Pre-sales were strong enough to prompt Calvista to roll out the full production model across Australia.

"The feedback from our retailers has been fantastic. The Service Station has become a real focal point in the stores with customers gravitating right to it," said Calvista CEO Michael Bassett. "The result has been an increase in sales all-round."

"It's a really great way for stores that deal primarily with straight product to have a dedicated gay corner that sells all the products in one easy-to-buy package," said Titan VP Keith Webb.

"We are the only gay studio to have Blu-ray, DVD, lube and toys available under one brand. With the TitanMen Service Station you have all your bases covered."

Webb notes the opportunity for cross-promotion is "a win-win for everyone" and also helps to promote consumer confidence.

"With declining DVD sales, stores need ways to maintain and grow their revenue. A full-service brand helps stores maximize their gay sales and profits."

The domestic version of the TitanMen Service Station was set to debut next week at the AVN Adult Novelty Expo at the booth for Doc Johnson, the master distributor for Titan's adult novelties line in the United States.

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