Titan Media Feeds Fetish to Blu-ray

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — All-male studio Titan Media will release director's cut editions of its forthcoming titles exclusively on Blu-ray, while its retail edits will continue to be issued on standard-definition DVD.

Titan has issued 13 movies (to date) on Blu-ray since the release of "Breakers" in March 2008. The format fits the studio's rep for releasing multiple editions of its gay adult titles in order to satisfy market demand.

"The traditional retail edit does not contain any fetish content and is geared primarily towards U.S. wholesale store accounts that prefer a less edgy version," a site rep said.

"The director's cut versions contain expanded scenes with fetish sequences including fisting, watersports, BDSM and more extreme fetish content."

In addition, Blu-ray viewers have the option of switching between the retail and director’s cut edits.

Nearly one-third of TitanMen customers already own a Blu-ray player, according to a poll the studio recently conducted. "I am very proud that Titan has led the way in technology by producing more films on Blu-ray than all other gay adult studios combined," said CEO Bruce Cam.

"Our customer is often ahead of the curve in the adoption of new technologies; Blu-ray is one of them. In these tough economic times we have to give the customer a reason to buy. Our superb hardcore action in Blu-ray high-definition format is just that reason."

Fetish content will concurrently be made available at the company’s official website and at TitanXXX.com.

"As the leading, and virtually only, producer of high-end gay adult films on Blu-ray, our customers are telling us they want our harder-edged content in mind-blowing high definition. We will continue to release all of our films on standard-definition DVDs, but our more edgy content will only be released on Blu-ray in the future,” said Titan VP Keith Webb.

Director's cut editions of catalog titles will not be replicated in standard-definition DVD once the current stock is exhausted.

"Buy 'em now before they're gone," Webb said.

For domestic and international wholesale inquiries, email Wholesale@titanmedia.com, or call (800) 360-7204.