Topco Sales Presents the Topco Secret Room

MALIBU, Calif. — Topco Sales’ Top Secret Room, located at the Silver Spoon Malibu Beach House, is displaying adult toys for celebrity guests through July.

The Topco Top Secret Room is in the home’s master bedroom and available only to VIPs by special request.

The room showcases brands such as Grrl Toyz, Penthouse Toys, Adam & Eve Signature Toys, Joanna Angel Burning Angel Toys, The 69 collection, the Private Dancer Stripper Pole and the World Famous Bondage Love Swing.

Actress Lindsay Lohan visited the Topco Top Secret Room during the Fourth of July weekend.

"We heard that Lindsay immediately went over to the Private Dancer Stripper Pole and took a few twirls,” said Desiree Duffie, director of marketing and public relations. “She also enjoyed bouncing around on the Bondage Love Swing, which is set up within the Topco Sales Top Secret Room. Plus she apparently fell in love with the Grrl Toyz Incognito Lipstick vibe. I heard she snatched one off the night stand and had a blast with it."

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