Director Richard Montfort Dies

Tod Hunter
BURBANK, Calif. — Veteran adult industry still photographer and director Richard Montfort was found dead in his Burbank home.

Director Bobby Rinaldi told XBIZ that Hustler had called looking for Montfort. Rinaldi tried text messaging Montfort, then when he didn't reply he suggested that somebody check his house.

"The two cars were in the driveway, the porch light was on and mail was piling up," Rinaldi said. The police were called and Montfort was found dead inside. The police did not release further details.

Montfort, 53, had been a still photographer in the adult industry since shooting the boxcover for the 1999 video "Heat," directed by Rinaldi for Tight Ends Productions.

"I gave him his first gig," Rinaldi told XBIZ. "He's been doing all my boxcovers, pretty much. He's been working for me all this time."

According to the Internet Adult Film Database, Montfort also directed some 50 titles including several editions of "Asian Fever" and Barely Legal" for Hustler Video, sometimes using the name Richard de Montfort.

Retired performer Lana Croft told XBIZ Tuesday night that she recently spoke to Montfort and that he sounded happy.

“I still remember when he drove all the way to the mall in Glendale the day before Christmas 2005 to give me my check and a present,” she said. “Since then, I would always remember him the day before Christmas when I'm shopping for presents.

“Even though I am no longer in the adult industry, I just want to share and acknowledge his act of kindness. I'm sad to hear this news. I send my condolences to his family and friends.”

There are no known survivors, according to Rinaldi.